Seven interesting techno and house documentaries


We Are Modeselector Documentary

The Berlin producer and DJ / live duo fashion selector consists of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Three albums, innumerable remixes and collaborations as well as four other longplayers together with Sascha Ring (Apparat) as moderate, give reason enough to portray fashion selector. In 2009, Bronsert and Szary also founded Monkeytown Records, the label brought together such artists as Fjaak and released DJ Koze’s Evergreen remix to Moderate’s Bad Kingdom.

In 2013, the documentary ‘We Are Modeselektor’ was released on DVD / Blu-ray. Since 2017, the documentary has been freely accessible on YouTube. In more than 70 minutes, the directors Romi Agel and Holger Wick are two friends who have given themselves unconditionally to electronic music and the creative process. Tales are told from the first meeting during school days and from the initial musical attempts to walk in the GDR-dominated Brandenburg. Bronsert and Szary also provide insights into their studio and tour routine as well as the label’s founding. Not only the two protagonists have their say, but also fellow travelers: Ellen Allen talks about the first release of the two artists on their label BPitch Control and the creative collective Pfadfinderei tells the story of the label’s legendary monkey logo. Extensive and varied in this documentation, the impressive career of the sympathetic duo is examined.



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