Seven interesting techno and house documentaries


Between The Beats: Seth Troxler (Resident Advisor)

There’s a lot to unpack with Seth Troxler. The American DJ and producer has come to symbolise the notion of DJs as rock stars. He courts controversy, says what’s on his mind and parties harder than most. But Troxler is no senseless hedonist. Since establishing himself in the late ’00s through a string of leftfield house releases, he’s become known as a man who thinks deeply about his art and his life. By simply being himself, Troxler attracted a kind of cult following—the fans, the hangers-on, the naysayers. As a result, he feels he struggles to be taken seriously, and he’s keenly aware of how his lifestyle negatively impacts his relationships. But when you strip away all of these connected issues, you’re left with a highly driven DJ who knows exactly what it takes to lead a life of the road. This sense of complexity and opposing forces is something that Troxler contemplated as we tailed him across Europe for our latest Between The Beats.







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