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Police raid on the Club Mensch Meier

Berlin, Clubs

They stormed the club, forced the staff to the ground, handcuffed...

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Seven interesting techno and house documentaries


The archive of the World Wide Web is packed with video...

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Annual review of Set of the Day

Set of the Day

The year 2018 was just fantastic! There were over 400,000 listeners on...

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4 recording devices in comparison


Everyone has the need someday to record his mix. Whether it’s just...

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Streaming with TIDAL and SoundCloud in Serato DJ

Serato, Soundcloud, Streaming, Tidal

From the latest update of Serato (Serato DJ Pro 2.1 &...

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Interview with Diatonik


Hi, Animesh thank you for your time. How was ADE 2018? Ade’19 was a fabulous...

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International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

Club Suggestion by DJ's

Sisyphos – Berlin, Germany The Sisyphos is a techno club...

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Club Rosis has to close

Berlin, Clubs

The Rosi’s club in Friedrichsheim Berlin has to close at the end of the year...

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Label Special: Töchter


Next week the first part of the Label Special will be released by Töcher from Bern...

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