maxresdefault-2-300x169 - Privilege

Of course, the biggest club in the world is in Ibiza – where else? But even if you know that you are hardly prepared for the gigantic proportions that Privilege actually has. The Main Room is like an airplane hangar – but here most other clubs would fit in completely. With this size, the Privilege is known for spectacular and grandiose parties, like no other club on the island can.

Its beginnings under the legendary name Ku – then still with a pool in the middle of the Main Room – are one of the roots of Ibiza’s clubbing, and the Manumission, one of the most celebrated parties ever, wore the club under the name Privilege for over a decade to new heights.

The huge Main Room forms the center, surrounded by seemingly endless spaces and adjoining rooms on different levels – the Privilege breaks all the limits you have experienced so far when clubbing.

Located next to the Main Room, the Party area Vista Club with its large glass windows has become a paradise for house and techno raves. The parties always last until dawn, when the light slowly fills the room and gives a beautiful view of Ibiza Town in the distance.